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Car insurance in Gresham, Oregon? Most people in Oregon are looking for cheap auto insurance. Quotes online are the fastest way to get auto insurance prices.

Pulse Insurance can help you find the best rates for your car. If you are shopping around for cheap rates in Oregon, you are at the right place. is an Independent Insurance Agency in Gresham, Oregon that offers coverage from reliable and responsive carriers. We want you to pick the best company, one that competes for your business.

Quoting your policy couldn't be easier, and you can get rates from multiple companies with one request. Or, you can Get a Quote Now from a Portland, Oregon area Independent Progressive Agent. Unlike direct companies, you will still have an agent on your side! It's your choice!

Bad driving record or great driving record, either way we can give you the best rates available in Oregon. Our insurance carriers range from the big guys to the little guys, credit scored or not. This assortment of insurance companies gives you a variety of underwriting options. You would not get this choice from an agent selling for just one company or website sponsoring a single insurance carrier. Insurance carriers select customers the way people choose their friends - how well do they fit in with what we want? And every company uses different rules.

Some insurers don't want you if you need an SR22 or charge you a lot more. For us, it's no big deal. We can print you an SR-22 instantly! And, we can give it to you no extra charge, nada! Same price as the guy who doesn't need an SR22. That's service!

Your personal information is just that, personal information. When you Request a Quote from us, we will keep a your personal data safe and secure. We need this information to prepare an accurate quote. In the ballpark or on the dime? That is your choice. Being cautious consumers ourselves, we will never sell your email address or personal information to anyone else. Searching for insurance does not have to mean getting spam in your email inbox. Our quoting is done through a comparative rating system, with the approval of the carriers we represent. We don't have to send your information to them to get a good rate. Hey! Cheap auto rates and a promise not to sell your information. Now that's a deal!


How do you get a quote now? Click here to compare many companies at once or get an instant quote now from a Progressive Authorized Agent located in Gresham, Oregon.

Remember, quoting through our agency can take as little as 15 minutes, depending on the time of day you complete your request. Quoting through our Progressive Insurance link gives you the opportunity to quote your insurance instantly and we can book a policy remotely using e-Signature technology anywhere in Oregon.


Pulse Insurance, LLC, represents a variety of insurance carriers serving the entire State Oregon. Our mission statement says: "We will offer our customers the best value available for their insurance needs, treating all of our customers with courtesy and professionalism at all times, with an emphasis on accurate and timely service focused on their needs."

Give us a call at (503) 489-3143 for a quote now!

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