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pulse car safetyJust because your car has a dozen airbags doesn’t mean it’s the safest on the road. Auto insurance companies look at all the engineering aspects of the vehicle, not just airbags. How well do your vehicle’s frame and shielding (fenders and door panels) hold up in an impact? You can spend days searching online for government and private party safety ratings for your make and model and still not know how an insurer will rate it. The only way to know for sure is to call or text us the vehicle identification number (VIN). Insurance companies use crash results and other insurance industry reports to get factual data. A brand-new car will have little or no history, but the company can count on the previous years’ models to interpret future results until they have accurate numbers.

Give us a VIN; we’ll give you a quote. Give us five, and we’ll compare. Don’t commit to buying a car until you have checked what the insurance company thinks of its safety.