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pulse list young driversTimes have changed. The average person can’t afford to live alone. Insurance companies in Oregon know that. Forgive us if we are a bit skeptical when a prospective client requests a quote and claims to be the only driver. Our experience tells us drivers usually share their cars with others.

What reason would someone have to hide another potential driver? Many. They think the price might increase because of age, driving history, or license status. For others, it’s a personal thing. ‘It’s my car. No one else drives it. Everyone has their car and insurance.’ Those are all acceptable reasons not to include other drivers in the house but can lead to trouble later. What if another driver takes the car? Law says because they live in the house, they have the right to drive it. We are not kidding.

Parents often let their children get their permit and license at a very young age, fifteen or sixteen. It’s all fine until they determine how much it costs to insure said child. The parent then decides not to inform the company of the inexperienced driver but lets them use the car anyway—a big mistake. The company can deny a claim caused by the young driver if the parents are caught failing to disclose them. Keeping your family safe and insured is our number one mission. Please help us fulfill that mission by identifying all the people who live in the house and how they might use your car.