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oregon police car automatic license plate reader alprDid you know the police have cameras and programs installed in their onboard computers to automatically read your license plate number in the Portland metropolitan and other Oregon areas? This program tells them everything about your car and if you have insurance.

The system is called ALPR (Automatic License Plate Reader). Information includes who the registered owner is, whether the vehicle is stolen, and if you have car insurance. They can match up the other licensed drivers in your household against the list of authorized drivers reported on your auto insurance policy. When a police officer drives behind you or passes a parked vehicle, this information appears on their screen. If the car is reported stolen, it is flagged. They will probably stop you to investigate and make an arrest. There are other non-insurance-related uses on the state and federal systems. The list is quite extensive and is now used worldwide.

We all know about the typical driving violation stop where the police officer asks for proof of car insurance, license, and registration. Now, that officer is just giving you a chance to prove you have car insurance, and it isn’t in the system yet. Remember, you must still carry either electronic or paper proof of insurance. That is still the law. Why? So, you’ll have something to show the other driver should you crash into them.

We can help you if you need insurance. If you are a current customer and need an electronic version of your ID card, call or text us at 503-489-3143.

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