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“I went to court, and the judge threw out the ticket!”

What happens in Oregon when you go to driving court, and the judge ‘throws’ the ticket out? In straightforward terms, the violation will not be removed from your driving record. It will still be there. The judge might have lowered the fine, but it is rarely removed from your driving record. If you think the ticket itself should not show up on your record, be smart and request a document from the court proving the ticket was dismissed before you leave. That way, if the court doesn’t notify the DMV of the dismissal, you will have proof that it was ‘thrown out’ and get the DMV to correct your record.

Oregon auto insurance agents often hear that a ticket was dismissed when they ask about driving records. Insurance agents cannot dispute a ticket. Most people have perfectly reasonable explanations for why the infraction should not count; we just literally cannot change the report. If the DMV reports it, only a new DMV report (printed on their letterhead) can update a driving record on your policy with most companies. After issuing the policy, any updated proof must be sent to the insurance company.

Tell the agent everything that has happened over the last three years. Get the correct quote the first time. If you want to dispute something, you must go through the DMV and court system.

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