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pulse switch gears and insuranceSometimes your circumstances change, and switching insurance becomes necessary during a policy period. Just yesterday, I helped a new customer buy insurance because they purchased a brand-new car without first checking with their insurance company how much it would cost to add it to their policy. I saved them $600 a year (just like the commercials say) and offered them better coverage than what they had. I don’t suggest you switch insurance companies in the middle of the policy period. From an insurance credit score point of view, it’s better to wait until renewal. This example would be an exception because something changed.

Another reason to check into a better price is if something big fell off your driving record soon after you renew or start a policy. The savings by switching in the middle of the contract could be dramatic. I have one company that recognizes the importance of these life changes and will offer to lower your rate without changing companies. It would be a lot less work for them to adjust the policy than to lose a customer or cancel and rewrite.

Be careful how many times you change insurance companies and how many quotes you get. The price ties directly to your insurance credit score, and making lots of changes to your policy or changing insurance companies can dramatically increase the cost of your insurance. Companies like you to stay put. But it makes no sense to stay if you are being overcharged, and you can get a better-priced policy elsewhere. Just try to wait until renewal. It helps your credit score, and you avoid early cancelation fees.