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shelly pulse medium headshotThe insurance marketplace changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. Individuals, families, and businesses have bought insurance face-to-face at an office or storefront for a couple of hundred years. The interaction through the quoting, application, and policy issuing process was face-to-face with paper, ink, and a handshake.

Humans have figured out a way to communicate with each other through a device called a telephone and then on to a computer. The lines of the computer and phone have blurred. Now, people talk to each other using emojis. Language and communication have evolved to a level that transmits at the speed of light. Our new society relies on computers and their programming to make decisions based on what someone instructed them to do. Much of the human thinking process is eliminated in the insurance buying experience.

Yes, you can enter some basic information into a computer or phone screen fields, and numbers can spit out that look good to you, but are they accurate? Has the computer checked your driving record, C.L.U.E., credit, car history, and criminal background reports? The online insurance company may not want to pay the cost of running all those reports until you have entered your credit or debit card numbers. If you didn’t disclose all your tickets and accidents when you fill out the form, the numbers you see on the screen might not be accurate, and the actual price of the insurance only shows up after you hit the submit button and they take the money out of your account.

As an independent insurance agent, we are required to check all those reports, at our cost before we can give you an accurate quote. Besides getting the correct pricing information, we can advise you better on what coverages you need and eliminate those you don’t. Now, if you are an insurance expert and know the precise limits you should have, then, by all means, save yourself the hassle of consulting with a professional agent and buy directly with confidence.