Commercial Auto Insurance

Most private passenger cars, pickups, and SUVs are used to drive to and from the same place of employment every day. Those are personal use vehicles and can be insured on a personal auto policy. However, some drivers use their private vehicles in a professional, business, or official capacity. If the vehicle remains insured in your personal name and not a business or agency name, most companies will add a business surcharge to the personal auto policy.

Photographers, salespeople, agents, and musicians often use their personal rigs to get around to different business-related destinations. Sometimes they carry clients, equipment, and materials. Yes, the car is still in the personal name, but the use differs from the common commuter just trying to get to work. Questions arise after an accident that may render your coverage useless. Please let us help you determine which type of policy is best for how you use your car and which profession you follow.

If your car has decals, logos, or any other advertising emblems attached, or if the vehicle is registered to a business, it must be insured on a commercial or business auto policy. Tools, racks, and aftermarket equipment attached to your vehicle used in business put you in a commercial category, regardless of how the vehicle is titled. If it looks like it could be used in business, it must go on a commercial policy. Many drivers own a commercial type of vehicle, like a box, flatbed, or pickup truck larger than one ton, and use it for personal use. Those vehicles don’t fit on a personal auto policy, not because of the use, but because of how big they are. They must go on a commercial policy with personal listed for the use.

Talk to us about the options you have so you don’t make the mistake of thinking your personal auto policy will cover you when it might not.