Personal Auto Insurance

wrapped pickup truckSometimes, you must have a truck. Your family and friends always call you to help them move or haul an item too big for their vehicle. Yes, you are that guy or gal who likes to help others. Or, you have a private-use property that needs lots of attention, so a pickup is the right vehicle for the job. You haul materials in and debris out. A pickup is a necessary tool to get the job done.

You can use your truck for camping or hiking and need the space to carry your gear and get you to those remote destinations. You might even pull a trailer or toy hauler. You can do many things with a pickup truck to enrich your recreational life and activities. Some even have room for a couple of passengers. A one-ton pickup or smaller can easily fit on a Personal Auto Policy if you limit its use to private activities. Once used as a commercial or business-use rig, you must appropriately insure it on a Commercial Auto Policy, especially if you attach accessories and stick your business logo on the doors. Some go as far as wrapping the truck in a moving billboard for their company. Just ask us if you question or doubt a particular use or activity. We’ll happily advise you on which approach works best for your rig.

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