Homeowner Insurance

homeowner insurance oregonIt’s not just about protecting the things you love but also taking responsibility for the damage and injury you or a family member may cause to someone else. Your home and personal property are worth a lot of money. You worked hard to earn them. Protecting what’s yours from fire, theft, water damage, wind, and hail is something you worry about. A homeowner policy does an excellent job of covering those.

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But did you know there is another way to lose everything you have that most people don’t even consider? You could get sued. The court might give everything you own to someone else because you or one of your family members caused them harm or damage. This loss can range from your dog biting a guest to your child setting fire to a neighbor’s house. It’s called liability insurance, and it is a big deal.

Liability especially applies to people who own or rent apartments, condos, and townhouses. Imagine returning to your kitchen fully engulfed in flames because you forgot something cooking on the stove, and it is too late to put it out. Your first instinct is to get yourself and everyone else out of the house. Then you call 911. The fire department comes and puts the fire out, but who do you think will pay for the damage to the building and your neighbor’s unit? That’s right, you will.

Mortgage companies and landlords require you to have insurance. Don’t settle for just the minimum liability of $100,000. It might not be enough. We can help you determine how much coverage you need for your home if you own it, your personal property, and how much liability coverage you need.

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