Motor Home Insurance

Whether you are a young driver or a seasoned one, there is no greater feeling of freedom than to embark on a journey in a motor home, knowing you will have a safe and comfortable place to sleep and eat. It doesn’t matter if you work full-time and can only get the RV out of storage once or twice a year or are retired and virtually live in the vehicle year-round, nothing beats that sensation of being out on the open road.

There are a few things to consider when buying insurance for your motor home. The price and coverage you need may vary depending on how you use your vehicle and how many days out of a year. A growing trend exists where people buy a motor home and park it permanently in an RV park like a manufactured home with water, sewer, electricity, cable, and internet hookups. We will thoroughly explore these variables to find the right coverage and limits you need when you call.

Confidence in your agent, company, and policy gives you peace of mind when you fuel up and hit the road. Ask us about the discounts available for club members. You might already have certain benefits through your membership that render some coverages on your motor home policy as duplicates and can be removed or discounted.

Call us for a quote before you even move that motor home. Consider a separate policy from simply adding to your regular auto policy. A car policy may not have all the benefits a motor home needs. Happy trails!