Motorcycle Insurance

A lot of motorcycle riders in Oregon think they only need insurance during the peak riding season, and taking the chance of riding on a nice day in the offseason is very tempting. You are probably less likely to get into an accident than most drivers on the highway because you are always watching out for other vehicles, but you never know. Insurance companies have gotten smart. They take an average number of good riding days and apply a discount to the annual premium, so you don’t have to start and cancel your policy every six months. They already consider that downtime, so you can buy with the confidence that you are only paying for the time you actually drive.

When you get a quote for motorcycle insurance, you need to note the difference in how passenger medical coverage is handled compared to an automobile insurance policy. In auto insurance, medical coverage for the driver and passengers is mandatory in Oregon and comes as part of the basic coverage. Not so on a motorcycle policy. It is optional, and you must pay a separate premium for that coverage. When you request a quote for motorcycle coverage, the first question we are going to ask is if you have a good individual health insurance plan or are you part of a group health program through work. The same goes for any passenger you have onboard. If the answer is no to either of these two questions, pay the extra premium for the medical payments coverage. It may seem expensive because it is. Being exposed to the dangers of riding on a highway with other cars and trucks puts you in a very vulnerable driver class. You get very little coverage for the amount you pay. It’s probably better to rely on the health insurance coverage, and the doctors and hospitals must accept it like any other accident you may encounter subject to your copays and deductibles.

Whether your bike or ATV is for on or off-road use, the responsibility you face for causing injury or damage to others is the same. Crashing into something or someone may leave you injured, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t just as responsible for the injury or damage you cause to others as you are for yourself. That’s where liability coverage kicks in and pays those bills up to the policy’s limit. Have us compare the price between each of the different levels. You’d be surprised how little more it costs to insure yourself for double the state’s minimum limits.