The Services We Offer

A company or government agency often requires a certificate of insurance to guarantee an insured will be covered while operating on their premises or conducting the activity for which it was hired. In most cases, we can provide the certificate, or we will request the insurance company to issue it. Depending on the insurance or the type of certificate requested, we can print and deliver it in minutes. However, those requiring company issued forms may take hours or even days to be sent. Email or call with the details that we must include in the certificate.

The SR22 is a very common certificate. If you have gotten a ticket for no insurance or a DUI, you may be required by the Oregon DMV to provide a certificate proving you meet specific minimum state requirements of liability insurance to be allowed to drive on Oregon streets and highways. We can fax an immediate original SR22 certificate to the State of Oregon. If you need one for another state other than Oregon, we have a couple of companies that will send it directly to that state. Out-of-state SR22s take a few extra days, depending on the mailing time and delays in processing when that state receives the certificate.