The Services We Offer

Unfortunate things happen. Sometimes they are covered by insurance. If you believe an event has occurred that might trigger a claim, such as an accident or fire, on a policy you have purchased through us, please call, or text us. We can help you determine if your policy will likely cover the event. Then, we can put you in contact with the correct department at the insurance carrier so you can begin the claims reporting process.

Sometimes it isn’t worth reporting a claim. If the amount of damage or loss doesn’t exceed the deductible, or it is an amount you can handle out of pocket, we’ll let you know your options. Sometimes turning in small claims can lead to increases in the cost of your insurance over a three- to five-year period that will far offset the cost of the claim if you agree to pay it out of your funds now. If you find that to be the case, perhaps a higher deductible might help save money in the long run.

As part of their contract, most insurance companies have a clause forcing you to report all claims, regardless of the size. It helps them determine the risk and exposure you carry and calculate the proper premium to charge you and others like you. We’ll let you know when the insurer requires the claim to be reported and whether it exceeds the deductible.

If you need immediate claims assistance and cannot reach us, check your proof of insurance documents for a claims phone number and call them directly. Most insurance companies have a 24-hour reporting line.