The Services We Offer

You survived the quoting and binding process. Now you are deep into the policy period, and you need to make a change. This amendment is called an endorsement. You do not have to cancel the policy and start over. The insurance company will let you change the people, drivers, coverages, property, discounts, and liability limits in the middle of the contract, making it easier for them and you. In a way, we are starting the quoting process all over again, but it’s usually a lot easier to make small changes than starting the policy from scratch.

We will have to ask you more questions and feed our computer the change data to determine if the insurance price will go up or down. It’s a good idea to check with us BEFORE you commit to buying a new vehicle, property, equipment, hire a new driver, or let your child get their license. You must pay the premium difference once you have committed to the change. Not all changes to a policy will affect the price, but it is better to know ahead of time than to be surprised.

Check with us anytime during the policy period, and we will be happy to run what-if scenarios for you. If your current policy can’t perform as intended after the changes, we will do our best to secure the coverage you need, even if it means moving your account midterm to another policy or company.