The Services We Offer

Often, the quote is the beginning of a professional relationship with an independent insurance agent. It sets the tone for the lifecycle of your account with us, which we hope will be a long and successful experience. Together, we will gather the required data to rate and insure the things you need to be covered. Whether your automobile, manufactured home, apartment, business, home, or commercial rig, we will ask for the correct information: year, make, model, serial numbers, address, names, dates of birth, and license numbers.

Once we gather all the data, we will use various electronic tools to assess which insurance company and plan best suits your needs. We will also help you understand the out-of-pocket risk you face, such as deductibles and items that don’t need insurance. Please note that additional information might be discovered through the quoting process, such as undisclosed drivers, driving records, and vehicle crash and theft history. You might dispute these data items and will be required to provide proof to back up your claim. We’ll guide you through the steps to fix any errors in the reports the insurance companies access.

When you are satisfied with the price and the coverage, we’ll guide you through the next step called binding.